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Acharya Kulam Online Academy is a purpose to develop memory and brain power of all children in the world. It’s aim to create a such space where students come and learn about mind. We are place where student learn about Mid Brain Activation, Right Brain Power and various techniques of memorization. Sun Era Mind Academy is creating a space where children learn how to learn, how to think, how to solve problems, how to be creative and how to focus and concerntrate. Its also have a vision to free education in the world.

Acharya Kulam Online has started in the year of 2018 from Sadat Ghazipur. We are running various centers in Uttar Pradesh. A great and unbelievable response from our students is motivating us to spread its schooling in various cities of India.


Inner strength, often called “resilience,” is the ability to cope with the stressful situations that life throws at us.

Building inner strength begins with simple actions or thoughts that your child practices, such as planning for what to do next and learning to accept change. Inner strength can help a child face problems. Children who are resilient:

Are more likely to grow into healthy, happy adults, even in the face of poverty, divorce, or family tragedy.
Are better able to stand up to peer pressure so they can avoid using drugs, drinking alcohol, and smoking.
Are better able to resist messages in the media that tell them to be or look a certain way.
Feel confident when meeting new people.
Like to do nice things for others.
Are loving and lovable.
Are optimistic about life.
Children often surprise us with how resilient they are. But there is much you can do as a parent to help your young child or your teenager grow stronger.

By working to develop a child’s inner strength, you are giving that child the emotional and mental tools needed to stay healthy and happy throughout life.

Children are in that phase of their life when they can be molded into any mold. During childhood, we teach them various eminent lessons that shape their future. Therefore, parenting has to be of the best quality, if we want our kids to become the best version of themselves. Though there is no doubt about the fact that the learning continues throughout life, lessons taught during the beginning of life, pretty much shape our lives. So, we have to be very careful about what we are teaching to our kids. And, in case you want to make your kids the future entrepreneurs, then also there are a host of things that you will have to teach your children from the beginning.

 What are the top qualities of entrepreneurs?

The most evident and important quality that almost every entrepreneur has is a drive to succeed. There drive to do something different gives them the courage to take this huge step of building their own business. Their drive keeps them motivated to continue their entrepreneurship journey by overcoming the hurdles. Apart from a drive to succeed, the entrepreneurs also have a great amount of confidence. Most of the time, they are sure about what they want to do, and they have full confidence in their vision. At the same time, resilience is also required to some extent, to kick start a new business.